UNREACHABLE! message does not appear in the log

Hi, everyone

I have qualify=500 set in the sip.conf. I expected that this setting will cause a TOO LAGGED/UNREACHABLE message in the log file and on console every time a sip client goes offline. However it is not the case. Many times I’ve seen a device go offline. It was clear that asterisk has detected that the device is offline (UNKNOWN in ‘sip show peers’ output). However the message in the log did not appear.
Is that a bug? Or there are some other requirements to be met in order to put the UNREACHABLE message in the log? Does anybody know the way to monitor every reachable/unreachable state change for the devices registered in asterisk (currently the most reliable method I’ve found is parsing the output of ‘sip show peers’ once in a while)?

Thanks in advance

What log are you looking at? It is logged at the “notice” level. See logger.conf

Thanks for your reply. I’m looking at /var/log/asterisk/messages. In logger.conf I have: messages => notice,warning,error,debug

Also I didn’t say that UNREACHABLE message doesn’t appear at all. It does not appear sometimes. It is true as well for TOO LAGGED and REACHABLE messages. Sometimes they do not appear in the log, even though asterisk knows the device has changed its state (I can see that with “sip show peers”)