Lagged and unreachable

I am using asterisk 13.31.0 on debian server
I have internet IP on my asterisk machine
I got warning about LAGGED and UNREACHABLE a lot from my SIPs
How can I check or find the problem?
I can tell you everything needed about log and other settings
attached file is screen shot of 13 min of warning logs

Where are the devices located? These messages themselves means that Asterisk sent SIP OPTIONS messages and the response was either not received or was delayed, so that would point to network usually.

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There Is in my office.
and register accorded from internet
How can I check , or how can I increase performance? for reduce sip un-registering? :roll_eyes:

You’d need to do a packet capture and look at the network traffic to see what is going on. For example if Asterisk sends the SIP OPTIONS and receives no response in the capture, then the problem is outside of Asterisk.

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I capture packet using below command when ext 9713 goes unreachable:
tcpdump -i ens256 -p -n -s 0 -w test2.pcap

open it with wireshark and in sip flows find below:

and then:

Do you want any other information?

The client is failing to respond. That could be the outbound network path, the client, or the inbound network path. Note I’m using your client and server terminology. The SIP terminology is that the left hand side is a client user agent and the right hand side is a server user agent, for that interaction.

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so I cant find where cause the problem.

How can I increase performance or reduce unreachable count of SIPs ?

You need to talk to the people who manage your network. If this is a private network, over dedicated lines, they may be able to give you some DSCP setting to apply in Asterisk. If it is a public network, you only choice is likely to be find a better service provider.

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What is the most important things of DSCP I should now?
can you please make an example for those what should I apply to asterisk?


Can you give me the parameters that are important to Astrisk to give to the network team?

You will need to configure the phones, etc, as well.

For Asterisk:

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