No Sound when using Sipura 3000 remote connected to Asterisk

I configured Sipura 3000 (outside my home network) connected to my Asterisk Server. Sipura 3k showed it registered. But when making call, it has no sound. ASterisk CLI show call had been made with Sipura 3k. WHat need to be confugred so that Sipura 3K can work remotely?

Probably a NAT problem,

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I can use x-lite softphone remotely to make call without problem.

xlitang probably support NAT automatically. SPA3k don’t.

I have my Asterisk server setup and use sipura 3000 to make call with regular phone. If I want my friends in another house behind Linksys router firewall to connect to my server to make call with regular phone. sipura 3000 does not work for me. Some one in tell me Digium S101I adapter might do the work. I wonder is there any similar product like Digium S101I (IAXy) available in the market that speak IAX protocol?

It’s a NAT problem, read my previous link! Yes Iax protocol is easier to configure wih a NAT. But it’s possible to make your Sipura 3K work with Asterisk even if it’s inside a NAT.

Read the previous link and make sure you understand what is nat.

I have a similar problem, but its definitely NOT NAT - because I have two 3102s on my network, talking to my asterisk box, and I am not trying to go outside or anything - and NAT is turned off !

They are fully registered, just no sound.What was your resoloution ?