No sound using x-lite

Asterisk at Home has been just installed and sipdiscount sip termination is confugured to make outbound call. I can make calls using Supura 3000 and works fine. However, when I place call using x-lite outside my home network, the other party phone does ring, but both parties do not hear any sound and voice. My router does configure and forware port to my Asterisk Server. what could be wrong here? Please advice.

Sounds like a firewall issue. What ports are you forwarding to Asterisk?


port 5060 is open and forward to Asterisk.

rtp ports need to be open too. :smile:

you can configure Asterisk rtp ports on rtp.conf :wink:

Look for rtpstart and rtpend in the rtp.conf. By default, the ports range from 10,000 - 20,000. For a home system, you can be made smaller.


Thanks for the reply.
This is what in my rtp.conf. What else can I do?

; RTP Configuration
; RTP start and RTP end configure start and end addresses

I found the problem. I have not open the port 10000 to 20000 for RTP.

Another problem is the sound quality is retty bad. using x-lite to call land line, I hear a lot noise on land line side. Any suggestion.