newB's question:how to access CentOS GUI?

I installed the CentOS+Asterisk package downloaded from this website.
After finishes installation, it just goes to command lines asking me enter root and password

I enter root and password, it goes to …#. Any command goes to GUI interface likes Windows?
i am new at this…

Thanks for help~~

Asterisk don’t provide Desktop interface if you want to configure your asterisk you need to open a browser in other machine and put in the url, the IP of your asterisk box

I can config Asterisk settings. But I dont want to waste this machine for Asterisk only. I want to install the SQL and web service
to make it as internal web server.

I did

yum groupinstall “X Window System” “GNOME Desktop Environment”

after finished installation, enter startx, but it prompts no server “X” found error.

No idea how to access its GUI interface.

Anyone can helpme?