Automatic load Asterisk when booting PC, PROBLEM! Part 2

Well I figured out how can I reset the root password and now here is the thing.
(After the login that I typed root and the password)
On the screen it shows "[root@asterisk1 ~]# "
I want to log in to Cent OS, I’ve tryied with a few things I know about linux, but didn’t make it! Any ideas to help me???

Seems you’re are logged, so where is the problem ?


Marco Bruni

well I guess I want to go in the enviroment, something like desktop etc. As far as I know CentOs 4.2 has a graphic enviroment

What is the purpose of logging into the graphical environment? You typically do not run X on a server.

there is probably no gui desktop installed if you want to configure asterisk you do not need to use a desktop (it has no extra value) you have to program it from the commandline. us a text editor like vi search google for the manual. to change de config files

ok thank everyone!
I guess it doesn’t have gui desktop :S
My lab professor just gave me and told me to fix it! :laughing:

thanks everyone!!!