How do I log in to the web gui?

Hi guys

I’ve installed Asterisk on a remoe server (CentoOS 5) also hosting Cpanel and WHM, I know it’s a silly question but how do I log in to the web GUI? Is there a particular port number I need to use? I enter my IP address and get [quote]Great Success !
Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server[/quote]

Any help would be much appreicated



There is no Gui installed by default, you can however install freepbx or asterisk-gui(not recommended it completly destroys your config when you browser hangs for a second) on your machine.

How do install free pbx? I am new to the command line. I have winscp and putty installed


Google is your friend. … =firefox-a

Using Internet Explorer? If so that is why it wipes configs. Try firefox.