Newbie Trunk Questions

I am newbie to both Linux and *, but having a ball learning. I am having some frustration though trying to figure out how to implement Asterisk in front of our current PBX. The thought is to slowly train on * and VoIP and then start moving our users off of our old PBX. Our current PBX is a Nortel Norstar USA MICS_XC v4.1 (was great in 98 I hear).

We currently have 2 T1 trunks comming in from our provider (Qwest). The first is called a ground-start Basic trunk by quest and is set up in the norstar as follows:

Co Fail: TIA-547A
Interface: ISDN
Framing: ESF
Internal CSU: ON
CSU Line Build: 0db
Line Codeing: B8ZS

The second trunk is Called a Wink-start Advanced trunk (Qwest) and is set up in the norstar as follows:

Co Fail: TIA-547A
Interface: ISDN
Internal CSU: off
DSXL Line Build: 0-100 Ft.

I have an idea how this is going to be set up by looking at David Gomillion’s writeup on Asterisk to Nortel. Seems that he was using a different trunk and I can not find any info on the Wink-start trunks. Sorry if this is a little basic, but thanks for your help in advanced!


i think you would need to choose the wink start option in your zapata.conf file, no?

signalling=em_w … apata.conf

I just placed Asterisk between our Nortel Meridian and the PSTN with two E1s. Lot’s of trial and error in an empty office (and some with a busy office :wink: Anyway, it will work and does a great job handling incoming and outgoing calls. And by diverting some Nortel extensions to the trunk connected to Asterisk, you can take advantage of all the nifty features like call parking, conference bridges, yada yada yada.