Installing a digium TDM400P FXO/FXS card


We’re using asterisk at home 2.8 and we managed to configure it quite well with SIP lines. Now, we wanted to configure a FXO/FXS card and we bought the card directly from digium.

I’ve been following the numerous guides around and never got to go very far in the configuration.

when I do a lspci, the card is listed as Communication controller : Tiger Jet Network inc. Tiger3XX Modem/ISDN interface.

When I do a cat /proc/interrupts, the card is on its own IRQ(was once set to 5 and now 9).

after the install, I do an update and rebuild_zaptel. In the end, it detects the FXS Module in the correct port(Module 3 : Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC Mode).

once the rebuild_zaptel is done, I do a genzaptelconf, it stops asterisk and hangs at the Generating ‘/etc/zaptel.conf’ line. If I set it at verbose, it hangs at the “DEBUG : resetting channels lists”.

when I unload the wctdm module(rmmod wctdm), genzaptelconf completes, but doesn’t configure any channels (zap show channels only lists the pseudo channel)

I exhausted every option I tried…

anyone has any idea as to what would be the problem?

Pierre Darisse

Now it even worse, the card is not even recognized… /dev/zap is not present… I will reinstall (again!) and see if it still does it

False alert, I guess, I reinstalled and now it’s detected again but it exhibits the same problems…

Other interresting fact, sometimes, in the autodetect hardware part of centOS boot, it detects the card as not present anymore and then immediately after, tells me that a new card was found…

very weird

go into the bios disable ser / lpt ports
turn off onboard sound if has it.
turn off PNP OS if has it
have onlyVideo Card, nic and the tdm in system if possible on setup

once it gets locked down and working you can enable others if needed

Dear ColdNuke,
I have just bought this card from Digium.
Could you guide me how to coonect its port to PSTN by RJ11 cable?
Thank for your guides.
Vu Quoc Viet

Dear vu_quocviet,

If you read correctly, I havent been able to configure it correctly yet… As of yet, it seems that the card is broken and it’s now in RMA. What I can do now is give you the site that seemed helpful for all things asterisk, as it helped me through all the previous steps(configuring extensions, trunks, routes etc).

also, if you google it, you will find a lot of step by step guides, I know I did

hope this helps.

Pierre Darisse

Were you ever able to get this working? I am having similar problems and was hoping you found some information somewhere else that helped you solve your problem.