[Solved] Running PSTN through Adtran 610 -> fractional T1

Quick question:
We currently have an Adtran 610 unit that splits the voice and data from our fractional T1.

According to Digium support, the T1 cards they sell can do voice and data, but only on separate spans. If I remove the Adtran, both voice and data would come in on the same cable.

If I keep the Adtran, can I pull the voice only from the Adtran unit to my Digium T1 card? It uses a custom tail to pull the phones to a punch down near our current phone system.

Basically my question is: will the T1 card work with the Adtran, or will I need to get regular FXO cards to interface with it?

Thank you,

The answer is no: I cannot use a T-1 card to pull the voice lines after the Adtran gets a hold of them because the Adtran turns them into plain old analog lines.