[HELP] sample configuration for digium TDM411B

Hello board,

I’m new tp asterisk and experience some problems using my digium TDM400P with one FXO and one FXS.
My setup:
IBM with 4 CPUs and 2 GB RAM
Digium TDM411B
SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 (kernel 2.6)

I plugged an analogue phoneset right into the first port of the TDM card which should be the FXS-Port. I’m using an plain RJ12<->RJ12 cable. I proofed this cable on an ISDN connection to work properly with RJ45 sockets.
I configured and started asterisk with then ZAP channel module loaded. So far so good. But I don’t here a dialtone on the phone nor see something happen on the display of the phone. Looks like there is no signal from the card. Yes, I plugged the external power supply to the TDM-Card and loaded the kernel modules.

May anyone send me a sample (working) configuration of the minimal needed configuration files?

In the first step I simply want to be able the call from the analogue phone to my SIP-clients and vice versa.