One way audio and DTMF issue when over PSTN T1 trunk

Hi all,

I have recently setup a new Asterisk server with new Digium TE122 card. Asterisk version is 1.4.32 (using DAHDI). For internal testing without T1, most features work fine. However, when plug in the T1 cable, some features is not working.

  1. One way audio for all the incoming call, outgoing is fine. I could see the call is actually answered but just no audio.
  2. DTMF is not working for T1 traffic, it seems cannot any DTMF tone
  3. The fax call come into Elastix fax server cannot sync, the call can come in but cannot receive the fax. Internal fax is fine.
  4. Hotline calling display: I have setup some hotline, but when it present to the phone, the caller display is the originating phone number instead of the hotline CID name and CID num.

I have compare with the old Asterisk system (1.4.11 using Zaptel) Zapata.conf, Zapata-channels.conf and zaptel.conf are exactly the same in the new Dahdi corresponding files. Appreciate if you could give me some ideas as I have been troubleshooting this for a while.

please show debug message and dmesg message.