Asterisk 1.4.22(Trixbox)+queue log 2 Mysql

Hello All

Does anyone know how to apply patch to Asterisk 1.4 to make queue log 2 MySQL?

I can’t found normal patch either. I’ve tried many solutions on this forum from 2006 and nothing. All these solutions for old releases 1.2.17. How I can make my asterisk write queue_log to mySQL?

Please advice


Firstly explain what you want to do.

For taking the queue details you can take through AMI queue events and store into the MySQL or any database.

I need to put the queue log at the same time to mysql database like CDR log, when some events with agents or queue happened. Like CDR log. I need to build web interface to analyze the callcenter log. I dont’s want java solutions like queuemetrics and others. very horrible interface

How I can apply it on Asterisk 1.4? In 1.6 or 1.8 no more Agent Callback Login command