Queue_Log file sometimes empty

Hi, its being like 1 month that sometimes i am having issue with queue_log file with no data at all, i need to restart asterisk than it works. i am using asterisk version 16.15.1 Any idea why is this happening and where do i need to look at. Thanks

How are you rolling that file?

It recreates every day automatically. I just figure it out that it stopped working right after the Asterisk Queue Logger restarted which happens at 3:35 utc time. After this time i have no data at all in the Queue_log. Thanks

What switches over the files? What triggers the logger reload?

(It seems likely that Asterisk is still logging to the old file.)

yes you are right it loges to the old file but doing module reload logger fixes that. I am not sure why it happens i did not do anything

Typically you would be running logrotate, from a cron job. The default configuration only does something on a weekly basis, so either you have changed the configuration, or you are using some other mechanism.

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