Queue_log to mysql 1.8

Hi. I’ve asterisk 1.8 ( In fact I’ve elastix 2.4 which using asterisk 1.8 ). I’m trying to send queue_log info both to file and also mysql. I tried to configure:

res_config_mysql.conf with necessary fields.

addded to logger.conf
queue_log_to_file = yes
queue_adaptive_realtime = yes

than uncommented queue_log => mysql,general in extconfig.conf, and created table in db asterisk.

after all reloaded and restarted modules.

when I write in extconfig.conf
queue_log => general,mysql
it logs in /var/log/asterisk/queue_log file not in mysql
when it is
queue_log => mysql,general
logs in mysql, not log file.

I found an error in /var/log/asterisk/full

res_config_mysql.c: Table queue_log not found in database. This table should exist if you’re using realtime.


config.c: Realtime mapping for ‘queue_log’ found to engine ‘general’, but the engine is not available

Elastix is a dead product and seems like they forgot to create the table, fix for you: create the table in the asterisk DB. And this forum is not for Elastix versions.

I created table in the asterisk DB and works when I write queue_log => mysql,general. but it writes only in mysql not in file.

Yes, you are telling it to write in mysql, not in a file you cant do both by default, google because if I recall there is a script to dump the db to logfile and with that you only create a cron to run it periodically.