Newbie Config

Hello all. VERY new to this and I have spent the last week or two trying to get a “simple” configuration done which is proving to be the single most frustrating experience of my life. I have watched COUNTLESS tutorials and read MANY documents on the topic but of course none of the specifically relate to my install and everyone has a different way of doing these things so in the end not very helpful and I have gotten exactly nowhere. I tried the “getting started: Quick Start guide” on this site and again this did not work for me. I have been able to install Asterisk but the Config has been a complete fail from start to finish. At one point I was able to at least register but now it wont even do that. I get “wrong password” error which of course is incorrect. Soooooooo I’m wondering if there’s a GOOD guide for newbies on how to configure Asterisk? I want a set-up that will work from a cell phone on data or wifi with Asterisk on a cloud sever ( I am looking at Bria for the cell phone end. I have been testing with zoiper and jitsi on my laptop at the moment and as I say… getting nowhere. Test call isn’t even working which is just driving me NUTS. Any help is appreciated.

Asterisk is not like a windows - I mean a big wizzard.
Choose Asterisk NOW, or buy a book about Asterisk and read it to the end.

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