Want to install Asterisk

Hi guys,

I need some one who could install Asterisk clean copy on my server. I will give access to my server and the guy can install asterisk on it. I need to use it for for VOIP + DID + PC2phone services with G729 support.

Let me know if some one can help me in understanding and configuring it?

You can contact me on support@dialmonster.com

There are many people (including myself) who whould be willing to do the install for a fee. However since it is being done by some one else once the configs are done, should you need any changes you are going to have to pay some one to go in, look at it and re-do it. There for I recomend you play with asterisk and try to do it yourself. It wont be easy in the beginging but it will be well worth it. You wont have to pay for an install as well as you will know how things work and it wount be hard to change. If you still prefer that some one do it for you we can do it for a fee.