Newbie...Asterisk on Ubuntu and other questions

Hello. Newbie here.

I am interested in using Asterisk for testing some security related tools.
Specifically, I want to test some SIP related tools.

First of all, has anyone installed Asterisk on Ubuntu?
Or, is there an easy way to install on another distro?
Is there a complete (linux/Asterisk) install CD?

I have a small network at home. DSL -> Router -> HUB
Would this be sufficient for an Asterisk server with SIP capabilities?
I guess I can install SIP Client softphones on a couple of boxes?

I would only need the SIP functionality within my home network and
not over the live internet.

You advise would be appreciated.


Yes, yes, and yes. Sure many people installed Asterisk on Ubuntu - what’s so special? There’s an excellent Asterisk on Debian howto for you to google. Depending on definition of “easy”, some will witness that installing Asterisk is a breeze on any distro. Yes, there are attempts, including AsteriskNow, to deliver complete install CD. TrixBox is perhaps the most famous, though.

Yes and yes. Absolutely.

Thanks for the reply. I am burning Trixbox as I type this and
over the weekend I’ll give it a shot!