Forgive me for asking a stuoid question

Hello all

I wonder if it’s possible at all to install Asterisk and using it as a SIP server with just one NIC ? My intention is to use it with some kind of IP based phone and then to move on using it as an Unified Communication server along with Exchange server.

I must say I am totally clueless but I feel I must learn this so if there’s anyone outthere who can bare with me and give me a few hints/directions or preferrly a step-by-step guide if possible. I know mail servers and TCP/IP and a few Directory services but I feel a bit lost here. The thing is I have a Ubuntu server with 1 NIC, is that at all sufficient or do I need one more NIC.

I am not very keen on purchasing a PSTN interface card if it’s not mandatory to get it to run as UC/SIP server. So is there any hope to get it to run with 1 NIC? Any help would be greatly appreciated

kind regards


Yes. 1 network interface card is a very common configuration for Asterisk. Why might you expect otherwise?

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