:open_mouth: hello excuz me but i’ve one matter ,so please i beg yours’s help about this :i want to use asterisk to do ip phone but i’it my fist time .so i want to know linux’s version witch could support it and the processof his install.thank for yours help!!! :laughing:

Hi pungess,
If you’re still seeking the problems with asterisk installation, I would suggest you to try to install trixbox. Trixbox is an environment that allows to work with asterisk without any problems… It includes CentOS(based on RedHat. CentOs, I think, supports the same machines as RedHat), the asterisk server and trixbox and freepbx web-applications(trixbox with freepbx allow to administrate asterisk server easily).
best regards…

hi, i’ve received your proposition 'so i thank you your help ,i’ll try it and after i’ll give result .
bye :wink:

Hey Punges,

I’ve found following website offers competitive price for their VOIP products

Just bought headset and few other hardwares from them.
Waiting to see if i actually get the [color=red]FREE PHONE[/color]… :laughing:

Why dun u take a look of it yah???