Asterick and Ubuntu Server

Hello Everyone,

I’m a newbie to Asterisk so any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently installed Ubuntu server and would like to load Asterisk to do some testings. My goal is to setup Asterisk with a DSL connection and a analog line (home telephone line) to make and receive calls. What kind of PCI card would I need to add to my server in order to accomplish this? This is for a home project and for learning as well so I want to keep cost down to a minimum by not buying any extra hardware if possible.

Is it possible to setup Asterisk with only a DLS connection in a way that you can make calls to anyone without a voip service provider? I know in order for me to receive calls, I will need to subscribe to a VOIP provider in order to get a number so I would like to bypass that and just make calls only. Can some please let me know if this is possible or not? If so, can you show me how to set one up?

Many thanks!!!

I’ve used a FXO card from for a cheap home test machine, and it worked quite well. A lot of people frown on these cards for hardcore use, but for what you’re doing, it should be just fine. It’ll set you back about 30 bucks.