Real newbie needs help (mostly hardware)

I am very very sorry if what I write has been written before. I read the “read before posting” but right know I am totally confused.

First the data:

  • I use trixbox (before you reply, yes I tried posting this there, with no answer for days - after all my question is clearly asterisk).

  • I haven’t touched Linux for years (I think it probably was kernel 0.8 back then :stuck_out_tongue:)

  • I am using an old P2@300MHz PC (AGP/PCI) with 128MB RAM.

  • I am using an old PCI soundblaster (not sure which version).

  • I have installed “what I found in the closet” concerning connectivity to the outside world and THIS is where I need the help mostly.

  • It will need to use a BRI to connect to the telecoms (I am not interested in using a SIP provider just yet).

  • (Extra) It will need to be connected with a working DeTeWe PBX (2 ISDN BRI on it, also has LAN connectivity for VoIP) either using S0 bus or (if it can be done) LAN.

  • (Extra) Will need to register to an internal SIP server (a LANCOM router), a “provider” in a sense.

The “comm” hardware I use is:

  • A simple PCI analog modem (don’t remember manufacturer), if you think I can use this in ANY sensible way.

  • A 3COM 905B 10/100 LAN (works fine, trixbox installed ok and done the updates online)

  • A passive ISDN adapter (I think it is AVM or ELSA, I can use an ELSA ISDN MicroLink ISDN PCI)

  • An active ISDN adapter AVM B1 v4 …well not installed yet, but if you tell me I need to, I will (a side question is: will trixbox recognize it on next boot, or will we need some extra config?)

…so with the above data and hardware, can I DO ANYTHING except SIP functionality? Or will I need to invest on some Digium (or other) hardware? And what hardware is this?

I tried to use SIP-only connectivity (and just internal, between two xlite) and even this sucks (VERY low quality, voice unrecognizable). Is it the fault of low-end CPU?