AsteriskNow Beta 4 - zaptel.conf / zapata.conf problems

Good day,

I have recently installed Asterisk Now Beta 4 (32-bit) with three Digium cards - 2 Wildcards TE400P (one with 4 FXS modules and one with 4 FXO modules) and a TE205P dual E1/T1 card. The problem is with the TE205P and configuring the /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf files. I go in and add the required lines to configure the TE205P and restart Asterisk.

All is fine until I reboot the server. When the server reboots all changes to the zaptel.conf and zapata.conf files have disappeared and the files are back in their original state. I’ve tried installing AsteriskNow again from scratch but the same problem keeps occurring. Can anyone suggest a reason for this and how it can be overcome?



Has this been addressed in a different area? Same thing here,
with TE120P. Fortunately, we own the switch so we can turn the
T1 up or down. Is AsteriskNOW copying the sample files by any chance?
thanks very much for any help.

You’ll need to edit your zapata.conf-zapscan and zaptel.conf-zapscan.

AsteriskNOW runs the zapscan program on system startup which automatically generates the zapata.conf and zaptel.conf from zapata.conf-zapscan and zaptel.conf-zapscan respectively. Make the changes to them and you’ll be fine on future system startups.