New Business - 3 Phones, with toll free # and pbx

I have a business plan for a new operation at a new location with three stations. What i know is i need three lines coming in, which i think VOIP is a good idea for but im not sure what voip provider to use. Also i plan on getting a toll free number, like at ringcentral, they say theyre compatible with pbx systems. and last i need a pbx system to run everything and i think i should go with Asterix.

My questions are

  1. What VOIP Providers are recommended for use with Asterix and in my sort of application?

  2. Will Asterix integrate with the toll free number?

  3. What kind of hardware is recommended? For the phones, should they run client software on the desktops with headsets or have actual phones and what kind of interface do i need for the server and where do i get it?

Thanks for any help

I got my domestic US toll free/International toll free service(ITFS) from a company called, and they are able to do SIP or IAX. I’m sure that they can answer a lot of your questions. Good luck.