New Asterisk Installation, looking for correct hardware

hi i have Fedora Core 6 running with Asterisk installed but i don’t have or know what hardware i am supposed to be using,

Here is what i want, i figure it shouldn’t be to difficult if i had the right hardware:

I have a single line coming in from the phone company and it runs directly to our single phone, but this is a customer service line and so i would prefer to not have to always give customers the same info in person as i could have a recoding do that for me, so i am look for this, you call in, asterisk answers and asks how i can direct the call, 1 for directions, 2 for hours, and 3 for customer service rep.

so i only need one incoming and one outgoing lines, what card should i get, doesn’t matter pci or external, just looking for a good one that isn’t to pricey.

Thanks in advance.


u can use digium tdm400p

this card have 4 modules slots and u can using with fxo or fxs module