Help getting started

Hey guys,

I decided the otherday i wana set up a VoIP system at my office, so here i am trying to do it.

I want to have 3 telephone lines coming in and maybe 5 to 7 VoIP telephones on the network.

Ok i have installed asterisk now and i have a menu with 4 settings,
i have setup the network to what i want it to be, i have left the other 3?
Now there is just the linux login screen? What do i do here (after loging in)
how do i act get to setting up asterisk?

What i remember (i have installed asterisk now once or twice long ago) there should be a www panel hiding somewhere around AsteriskNOW IP in a web browser.

So do i go in my web browser and type in asterisk ip?

so like


Install Asterisk and start building custom telephony applications with AsteriskNOW. AsteriskNOW installs a complete Linux distribution, Asterisk, the DAHDi driver framework, an administrative GUI, the MySQL database, the Apache web server and a wide variety of development tools and components.[/quote]
an administrative GUI, that should work.
You can always configure it “by hand”, (documentation) but asteriskNOW wasn’t created for this.

Thanks man

ugg boots


I really need to learn how install a TDM card now. as i jsut cannot afford a consultant to do it for me.

Ok where do i start and what do i need?

I am going to start off with 2 phone lines in from Telkmo SA. (from what i know i need to get trunking enabled with the provider)

I need to buy a diguim TDM card and a 2 FXO Module to fit on that.

ok now i know how to install asterisk and set up all the extentions etc.

What do i need to do to install the TDM card into asterisk and then i also need to set it up so that we can recieve and make phone calls to outer network (telephone network, not VoIP)

Ok and just a question, When a client phones in on one of the lines will the PABX answer and give them a option of extentions? OR can they jsut dial the phoneno. + extention no at the end and it will go directly through to that phone?

Also how does it work when dialing out. How does it make use of the 2 phone lines? can the phoner choose or does it just it just use which ever one is free?

Thanks allot

Start buying your card and your modules. Make sure your card its supported by Dahdi or zaptel otherwise you will need to patch the drivers. I recommend Digium or Openvox Cards.

Then Download DAHDI or ZAPTEL -depends on your needs and the version of asterisk that you have- compile it. Once you have installed, configure the card. You can run dahdi_genconf or zapgenconf for automatic configurations in supported cards. Then configure the /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf or /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf.

Take a look on

It depends on your dialplan.

It depends on your dialplan, but you can set the application dial with DAHDI/r1 and it will rotate the calls the first call will use line 1 the 2nd call use line 2 the 3rd call use line 1 an so on. If the 2 lines are busy you cant call until one of those hangup.

thanks allot for your reply.

So most setting up in asterisk is done with commands?

can it be done in the freepbx GUI?