Need help Configuring Linksys SRW224P & NonoWall firewal

I’ve got a small VOIP network configured using Asterisk but voice quality is really isn’t that great. I suspect part of the problems is probably because I’ve not yet configured or prioritized for VOIP traffic packets on both the router.

So I’m here in need of Help Configuring a Linksys SRW224P and NonoWall firewall to give priority to VOIP packets.

Please contact me at princem3@gmailcom if you are interested in this project. I will open up a VNC connection for the person who wants to help me with this and pay them via paypal for their services.

Thanks …

any response? help!!!

weird … i’m setting up a SRW224P and a pfsense firewall next week :astonished:) should be interesting !

Can I please get some help with this?