Asterisk & Linksys SRW2024P VLAN Setup

I am trying to setup a converged voice, video, and data network using the Linksys SRW2024P Gigabit PoE Switch, SPA 942, 7960g, and *. I need to be able to configure these things on the same VLAN on these switches but there is no detailed step-by-step information on specific configuration for these switches as such as Cisco switches have. I need info on static and dynamic VLAN setup. Voice, Video, and Data will each have their own VLANs or Data can just use the default VLAN, but Voice needs the highest priority, then Video.

errr. have you asked this to the Cisco boys, or just here ?

the one thing i’ll mention- this isnt too hard (just set up your vlans and go) but you must remember that switch qos only involves setting qos bits or internal routing priority. Switch qos is not wan link qos- that has to happen on your router.

Thanx guys for your responses. No, I did not bother posing the question on Cisco, one time I had a question about a D-Link Gateway on there they did not even touch it. It seems they only know Cisco stuff or just think n=anything else is irrelevant and a wasy=te of their time. And even though I have put the inquiry on Linksys website forum, I just don’t believe in their tech team because most of the issues on their forum goes unanswered; it seems they hired lame techies there who cannot even resolve issues with their pwn products for customers. Ironhelix, can you please provide some more details as to how to accomplish this?


Start by configuring your VLANs. Some devices allow you to configure the VLAN that they will use. Other devices do not provide the capability to specify the VLAN, so you will need to configure the VLAN that device will use, on the switch port it is connected to.

Once you have your VLANs configured, then setup your QOSm giving priority routing to the voice RTP. The RTP packets should be configured for expedited forwarding and then that should honored by your switch and routers.