Looking for Help with VOIP Router & Firewall Configuatio

First off let me make it clear that I’m not asking for charity of your time as I’m willing to pay for your services.

I’ve got a small VOIP network configured using Asterisk but voice quality is really isn’t great. During business hours our sound quality is quite frankly trash and we are getting a lot of complaints. I suspect part of the problems is probably because I’ve not yet configured or prioritized for VOIP traffic packets on both the router or Firewall and we’re probably having some collisions or etc…

I basicaly need of Help Configuring our router (*a Linksys SRW224P) and NonoWall firewall to give priority to VOIP packets.

Don’t worry about location as this can all be done remotely and because the way I plan to do this is by opening up a VNC connection to a desktop on our network for you to set things up thought the GUIs.


i assume you have (ISP) – router – firewall – LAN switch?

if so you should only need to do it on the router. go to www.linksys.com and get the latest firmware for your router. Then in the web setup for the router there shoudl be a qos tab, under apps and gaming. You can prioritize it by a few things, but you should be able to do by MAC address (use the MAC of your * box) or by IP, or sometimes by service (SIP and RTP if it’s there). You may also have to tell it how much bandwidth you have- use a tester like nyc.speakeasy.net or something not what the ISP says you should have.

good luck!