Best Asterisk Router!

Hello All,

I’ve been searching for the best router to use for Asterisk but I can’t seem to find it…
Maybe people can give their suggestions. Please put down the price and reason why you think it’s a good router for Linux. This way people who would like to change their hardware would have an idea on what to use…

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Well, what you are asking for all depends on what you want to do.

For me, i chose to use the Linksys WRT54G wireless router: … dZViewItem


Well i was able to install OpenWRT onto it, which then meant i was able to install a skinny version of Asterisk onto it as well, to top it off, it uses less power then a computer, and you can also keep it as a wireless router and also a 4 port Ethernet router.

It doesn’t take much to configure it, but i tell you it is worth it all the way, and fr what you can pick these things up for these days is amazing, especially when you yourself know what can be done with it.

I was at one stage even thinking about customizing this so it can be used for businesses as well, it barley goes down, and you can set it up so voice mails are directed to another server, this way nothing is stored on it as it does not have enough room really to hold voice mails.

Thats my take, i am sure others will have some kewl things to share as well.



That was a cool post! I hope people can start contributing in this area so that we can make a wiki about this…

Thanks David

As for a small deployment I will say TeleFone is probably right but going into the critical small and medium business arena I will say to look at the SonicWall Pro 1260 (with OSEnhanced), its a 24port firewall and content filter appliance/switch with excellent routing capabilities, well-documented wizards and ease of use. It also lets you configure each 24 ports seperately and you can configure two ports as Dual WAN for ISP load balancing and failover. So put two T1s from two different companies (or one T1 and a high bandwidth cable modem; RCN has a 20Mbps cable internet offering) on this thing (so that if one company is down the other will still be up) and you are set. Then you can decide to add a Linksys 2024P 24port Gigabit PoE Switch (or higher end but good priced 3com 4200G 24/48port Gigabit PoE Layer2/3 Switch with automatic/configurable voice VLAN via dynamic and static MAC, ports, etc)…now you are even more set.

Hey nice one drwho…

Have you got any links to it?



Here: … 1-SSC-5885