New IAX2 Provider For Asterisk


I am trying to go totally voip at the house. However I have some basic requirements that are hanging up (bad joke) my tries. I have looked for over a week, someone please help!

  1. Calls must to encrypted when they leave my house. At least IAX, prefer IAX2.

  2. Of course provider must let me bring my own equipment (Asterisk)

  3. Be less than $15 per month.

  4. Support E911

  5. Let me port an 812-626-xxxx phone number to them

I tried Broadvoice, they can do everything except any type of encryption. I then got excited about Voice Pulse, but they cannot transfer my number yet, and even worse they are going to discontinue IAX support in the commings months as apart of an equipment upgrade!

Any ideas?

Try I doubt anyone will give you that service for such a price.