How can I make Asterisk & PBX/ISDN cohabitate?


I’m trying to make Asterisk understand over PBX-box that when a Number that has only four digits is dialed, then this number is a SIP Number. And all Numbers that are longer than four digits – should be dialed through ISDN.

Is there any good faith Men who can explain me what, how and where do I need to make adjustments/configurations?



If I am understanding you correctly.

exten => _XXXX,1,Dial(<>)

exten => _XXXX.,1,Dial(<>)

I believe Asterisk will take the closest pattern match to the number dialed. So any 4 digit extensions will dial through whatever you define in the sip line, and anything longer will chose the other route.

Hallo davevq!

Thank you very much for your response and explanation. However I have not managed to make use of your explanation, because I don’t know at which configuration file belong the two lines:

exten => _XXXX,1,Dial(<>)
exten => _XXXX.,1,Dial(<>)

I thought they belong to “extensions.confâ€