Asterisk Test Environment

I have an Asterisk server up and running and am in the web configuration. Is it possible for me to get 3 or 4 AAstra phones and setup a little internal test environment that will allow me to dial extension to extension, and do all internal functions before I go out and purchase SIP trunks from a provider? Or do I have to get the SIP trunks in order to get anything working?


Brian Mosher

Asterisk itself is a PBX, meaning you can call whatever you could reach. If you get a few phones and setup extensions for them you will be able to call them. If you want to make outbound calls you’re gonna need some trunk to carry your traffic to the other end.

P. S. you could also use computers with softphones, cell phones with voip clients (like iPhone/fring)

Thanks. I’ve just heard some rumblings from people that they couldn’t get anything to work(even just extension to extension and whatnot) without inputting a SIP provider, or some outbound calling method. I didn’t really think it made sense, but wanted to confirm before I purchased a few phones, received them, and was unable to do anything with it.