DID Number Passthrough

Hello All,
I have a VOIP provider giving me a SIP connection with a 100 number dial in group. This registers with my FreePBX 2.10 box as a trunk. I then use a Digium B410P ISDN card in NT mode to connect as extension to our existing Panasonic KX TD816 phone system.
Direct inward dialling within Asterisk is working fine and I understand that. But, I am needing to have the ability for Asterisk to pass through the incoming DID number with the call going out the ISDN card so that the Panasonic system can repute it to the correct final extension. Or at the very least have the ability to send the actual Asterisk extensions number as the DID number.
I have read various post of some other people doing this, but they seemed very vague and incomplete.

If any one has any ideas or suggestions to help would be greatly appreciated.


On Asterisk, you would forward the number the same way as you would forward the destination on an outgoing PSTN circuit. If you are dealing with a FreePBX limitation, you need to ask on a FreePBX forum.

I’m reading “as an extension” to mean “as a Panasonic extension”, not “as an Asterisk extension”.

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I have not been able to find much information online or on the FreePBX forums.
I’m just wanting to find a solution that allows me to take advantage of the Panasonic’s DID features for use in Asterisk’s IVRs and etc.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have been wrestling with what sounds like this for 2 weeks, and with the coaching of James F discover my solutions to reside in commands like

exten => s,n,Set(CALLERID(element)=${OUTNUM})

In effect, force the desired DID info as the call passes…

I hope this leads you nearer success.