Introduce asterisk based solution along with my pbx


first post, I hope you can help. please, if I post something wrong let me know how what to correct/integrate.

In my company we have an Aastra 470 PBX with 4 ISDN analog inputs. those inputs are converted by apparata from our ISP which, actually, provides us both data and voice over fiber.

while this setup is ok for the company - and there are no plan to change it - , our ERP provider has proposed us a VoIP plugin to interface the ERP and some new-to-be-buyed SIP phones.

The “plugin” is actually an Asterisk based custom build vmware appliance. Now they are not able to respond us to some questions, unfortunately I’m really a noob about phones. so here I am.

some background:

-PBX: Aastra 470 with 4 ISDN inputs derived from ISP fiber as follow:
fiber->modem->ethernet-to-ISDN interface->PBX

  • 40 between DECT, UTP and 4wire wired phones connected to the Aastra
  • appliance/ERP plugin will involve the customer care dept (no more than 10 UTP/4-wire phones)
  • only the customer care dept currently receives incoming external calls, in case some special office has to scale, they move the call to the relevant internal number
  • everyone has to call outbound.
    -of course internal numbers has to communicate among them

here my questions:

  1. can I “plugin” the asterisk based solution along with my PBX, avoiding to rebuild the entire phone network (40 among DECT and utp/phone-copper wired devices)?

  2. after a bit of web surfing my idea was to reorganize our inputs: remove the fiber->modem->ethernet-to-ISDN interface
    and let the ISP provide VoIP line directly to the asterisk based appliance with eth cable: fiber->modem->router->firewall (VLAN…)->appliance.
    then let the asterisk based solution manage the customer care phones, while offloading/passing-by all the other traffic to the existent PBX. Is this feaseable or just a stupid idea from a noob?

  3. the goal of what exposed at point 2) is to plug the ERP appliance in my setup and, when required, remove everything and restore status quo in case we will drop the ERP plugin later OR we choose to move our infrastructure to something different (say a full SIP solution still nbased on asterisk but not managed by the ERP vendor)


I don’t have one of those, so I can’t speak for any certainty beyond what I can see in the product’s datasheet:

The model 470 seems to offer BRI ISDN, PRI ISDN, Analog FXO and SIP capabilities.
For everything except SIP, you’ll need specialized hardware on the Asterisk side in order to connect. For SIP, you’ll just use the Asterisk host’s standard Ethernet hardware and TCP/IP networking.

For BRI (2-B) ISDN:

(oddly that links here in this forum to the older B410P card, but the newer B23x and B43x cards should be preferred)
For PRI (30-B) ISDN:




For Analog:

in modular, 4, 8 or 24-port maximums.