MWI and group mailbox

Hi all,

I’ve got an older asterisk system running on trixbox, in this setup we have an IVR on our main incoming number which feeds into an extension setup to receive voicemail (it never has a phone plugged into this extension). When a caller leaves a number, all of our phones light their MWI to let us know we have a call waiting.

I’ve just setup a new asteriskNow box and created a very similar configuration, MWI works if I turn voicemail on for a single extension and leave a message (no additional config needed) but the group mailbox doesn’t do the same thing. Some technical info to shed a little light:

ISDN trunk > Inbound route > Ring group 602 (works and rings all phones in the group). No answer after 30 seconds, forwards to extension 199 to record the messages. Set the Mailbox entry on each extension in the ring group to 199@Device, originally it’s ext@Device (so for extension 212 it’s 212@Device). So, with the mailbox set to 212@Device, I turn VM on for ext 212, leave a message, the MWI lights up. I set it to 199@Device (on extension 212’s config in AsteriskNOW), apply settings, reboot the phone, leave a message on ext 199, no MWI lights up.

The odd thing is my old asterisk/trixbox setup is exactly the same and this does seem to work, checked both systems and no special configuration has been done on the SIP phones to cope with it.

Asterisk (Ver. 11.5.0) - other than this MWI issue, everything else works perfectly, it’s all inside a LAN, so no firewalls in the way. SIP is the internal technology for the phones, digium PRI TE220B for the isdn interface. The phones are Cisco SPA512Gs on the new system, SPA921’s on the old system. Anything I’ve missed, please feel free to let me know, all help much appreciated!