Message Waiting Indicator not working on some SIP extensions

I’m a new Asterisk user and have installed the Elastix 1.0 distribution (Asterisk 1.4.19). I have (7) Grandview GXP2000 phones. When I first installed the software and did the basic configuration to get things working, the MWI indicator worked on most, if not all, phones. After a couple of weeks of “fine tuning”, adding IVR, etc., I find that only 1 phone has a working MWI. Voice mail works fine on all phones but no flashing indicator (or stutter dial tone) on any phone except one. I cannot find any configuration settings that would affect this and I really have read all documentation I have and searched the forums. I cannot see any difference in the configuration of the phone that works and those that do not.
If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.


It depends on how you setup your users.

If you use a users.conf file, you’ll need an entry for each user that says:

mailbox = 200@default

200@default would be the mailbox you want to monitor for messages.

If you are using the sip.conf file, you’ll need to put a this line in the sip.conf entry for each user.


Again, 200@default would be the mailbox you want to monitor for messages.

You can also set it up to notify several stations.


This entry will light the message waiting lamp on a station when there’s a message waiting in either mailbox 200 or 201.

That was it! Thanks. Mine were setup as mailbox=201@device (on the extensions that were not working).
Thanks again,