Setting up MWI

Many years ago I set up an Asterisk 1.2 server and this week I have set up it’s soon-to-be Asterisk 1.8 replacement. Almost everything works as expected except for MWI.

Could someone tell me if I’m over-looking something?

The bits of configuration that I think are relevant are:

In sip.conf I have set the following for the registering device:

mailbox=7701010@device subscribemwi=yes

I have also set in the general section:

notifymimetype=application/simple-message-summary mwi_from=asterisk vmexten=291

voicemail.conf has a ‘device’ context with the mailbox set up and the mailbox contains messages.

Looking at the CLI with SIP debugging switched on I can’t see messages about message waiting flying by and I’m sure I used to with 1.2 where MWI was working fine.

Maybe someone could give me a definitive minimum list of .conf lines I should have?

Many thanks.