PJSIP remote MWI

I’m trying to get PJSIP’s incoming_mwi_mailbox working as described at the bottom of this page: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Message+Waiting+Indication

If I set incoming_mwi_mailbox=1000@default, should I create a mailbox in voicemail.conf to use for this? Or is it not necessary?

I want Asterisk to remember the MWI state of the remote mailbox, and not simply push out MWI indicators whenever an unsolicited notify shows up.

Due to its use of the external MWI module you can’t have app_voicemail loaded as well, it’s one or the other. It’s not really made or designed currently to just do it partially (that is have local mailboxes as well as remote).

Could you clarify? From the wiki, it appeared that the res_external_mwi module is separate from the pjsip incoming_mwi_mailbox feature?

Ah, I thought it was using that internally. I don’t know if app_voicemail configuration is needed… I’ve never seen this functionality before really…

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