Music speakerphone

Is there a way to pay the music on hold over the speaker phone when the headset is on hook? I have tried searching but all I keep finding is just about getting MOH to work.

Yes, you can play your on hold music on loudspeaker by creating an extension that plays your hold music and dialing it on loudspeaker.

something like

exten => 123,1,Answer()
exten => 123,n,MusicOnHold()


I should have thought of that. I was making it too complicated. I was thinking about the server initiating the music. Similar to intercom or paging functionality. Your way allows the user to opt in. Thanks!

By calling the music on hold via an extension, it makes the user appear to be off hook, which is true. I would like to make the BLF not like up if a user is listening to the music. Is there a better way to handle the music to not trigger the BLF?