Digium D50 - Play Music Over Speaker Phone

Is there anyway to play the hold music on the speaker when not on a phone call?


You’d have to be on some kind of call for that. You could dial into an extension that just presents hold music to you.

If you wanted to be very fancy about it, you could write your own app that uses some of the digium.phone methods (phones.digium.com/phone-api/refe … igiumphone) along with something on the Asterisk side, that causes the phone to dial the extension for moh you made and then hangs it up before Asterisk normally sends a call to the phone.

Thanks for the thoughts. This made me think of a quick and easy way to handle it. I made a new extension, that would never be assigned to a phone. Under the settings for the extension I set the no answer, busy, and not available to default to a queue. This queue is setup to play music with a limitless time connection. All the user has to do is dial the music extension and they are playing music.

This got me thinking of another thing. How much network traffic is used by a phone call? I’m guessing not much, but this would be nice to know if people start listening to music over speaker all the time.


It depends upon the codec, but it could be around 80kbit/s. And, the quality of the music you’re going to hear could get tiring after a while - you’re limited to 16kHz (better than the PSTN’s 8kHz), and that does meaner things to music than it does to voice.

This is an easy way to play music on hold too.