Dynamic music on hold

hey guys,

currently putting together an * 1.2 system, and came across the idea of having user-chosen music on hold music.


a caller is put on hold, and the [default] MOH class is used

if the user presses a number (ie, *1 to *9), a different class starts playing.

i’ve tried doing this using the features.conf and applicationmap using something like:

rock => *1,callee,SetMusicOnHold,rock

where my [rock] class points to a directory within the moh mp3 path

however it seems to be kind of flaky, and i’d like it to work both ways (if the call is internal, and i originated the call but get put on hold, i want to be able to change the music)

anyone have any ideas? am i headed in the right direction, or is there an easier way?

can i just throw a waitexten() on extension 700 and jump it from there?




bumpy one more time… :confused:

Try the asterisk users list: