Local PSTN and multiple calls via Asterisk

I’m working from home. I have only one PSTN line and many people live in my house.
Can I make and receive phone calls at the same time with Asterisk@home? If yes, how many can be made at the same time and what kind of hardware is needed?

Thank you.

from what i know , i believe since u only have a single PSTN line , then only one person can make a outgoing call to the PSTN or answer an incoming call from PSTN at only one time . This is limited as PSTN only provide u with a single channel. Not sure if this helps.

If I understand your question correctly for an analog (POTS) line the simple answer would be no. I know alot of people that have opted to sign up for an account with third party service like voicepulse, voipjet, etc. and use them for the outbound trunk either via SIP or IAX (and the prices are cheap) just setup the voip provider as the outbound route and use the POTS line as your inbound. I paid to have an additional number allocated to me by my voip provider. I have my inbound calls set to hunt to the additional number if the main number is busy. Don’t know how much this will help you out but it is a fairly cheap option.