Managing outbound calls over multiple internet connections

Hello Everyone,

I’ve got a potential client that’s looking at switching over to Asterisk for their outbound calls, but there’s one major challenge: They can only get DSL service:

So currently they have set up 15 DSL connections to handle 30 simultaneous outbound calls. Question is, how could I connect Asterisk all these connections and spread out the call volume over the bandwidth? These are outbound calls only, no inbound.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

this is not really an asterisk question, but a linux routing question. asterisk just sends the calls to a SIP or IAX server using IP/UDP, so however those packets go anywhere is the issue. i’ve seen this request for applications other than asterisk, and it’s a pain (especially for UDP, which doesn’t have the concept of connections.) for 15 dsl lines, it’s hard to believe they can’t get a T1 (even at, say, $15/month, those 15 lines will be a couple hundred dollars.)