Multi-Configuration Voicemail

Alright, I’m sure there is an easy answer here… but I can’t think of it. I want to setup a voicemail-only system where some users will have a maximum recording time 120 seconds and maxgreet of 60. Other users will have a maximum recording time of 60 seconds and maxgreet of 30. How can I do this? I tried including that in the “options” of my list of mailboxes, but maxmessage and maxgreet are only using what I set in the general section and ignores whatever setting I have on that line/row defining the mailbox further down the voicemail.conf file. What am I not seeing here? Is it possible that this simple feature has been ignored for all these years??

Please help!! It can’t be this difficult! TIA.

I think your simple explanation is correct. TBH I’ve never thought about doing anything quite like this. While in most of the conf files (sip/iax) you can override many general settings in the individual user configurations, I don’t think this is possible in voicemail.conf :frowning:

5 mins later

I just did a quick test myself. On Asterisk1.4, it looks as if the maxmsg=xx does infact work (limiting to x number of messages per mailbox), however as you stated, the duration limits do not seem to take effect.