How to restrict mailbox size?

Can I restrict mailbox size in asterisk system? And how to do it?

in voicemail.conf

This defines the maximum amount of time in seconds of an incoming message. Use this when there are many users and disk space is limited. The default value for this setting is 0 which means there will be no maximum time limit enforced.

This limits the number of messages in a voicemail folder. The maximum value is 9999 (hard coded) and the default 100. When a mailbox has more than this number of messages in it, new messages can not be recorded and vm-mailboxfull is played to the caller. No more messages possible is also logged. This setting was introduced in 1.2. In previous versions it was hard coded to 100.

Can i configure the two variable for different voicemailbox independently?
I mean there are multi-voicebox in my asterisk, can i denfine different size for every one.