Regarding voicemail

Hi all
we have successfully enabled the voice mail on a sip mode. My question is for how many seconds or min we can store our voice in the voice mail

The setting in voicemail.conf which sets the maximum voicemail duration is maxmessage. So the limit on the duration is limited by that option and your available disk space.

I have a friend who is notorius for leaving long, talkative voicemail messages, sometimes in excess of 5 - 10 minutes in length. When I first started using * her messages would be cut off if she paused for a few seconds because * assumed the silience was the end of the call.

I don’t know about the maxmessage length variable, perhaps it defaults to unlimited because I never changed this in my * server. But it was only when I changed the silencethreshold varable in voicemail.conf to 128 that my * server stopped hanging up on my friend and her endless voicemail messages.