Voice Mail duration need to extend beyond 5 minutes. Help

Using CVS Head built on 2005-10-07

It appears though one may have the maxmessage length set to greater than 30000 secs. (5 minutes) in voicemail.conf, Asterisk hangs up the call anyway at 5 minutes. Is there a way to extend beyond that limit? I put maxmessage=60000 and it still hangs up at 5 min. I need this to be able to call in to my voicemail and record dictation and other things beyond 5 minutes (and no, I don’t want to use the dictation feature). Alternatively, is there a way to record a meetme conference and have that file emailed to a user? The voicemail application can email recorded files to a user but the meetme feature does not.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.




I had changed the maxmessage length to 30000 secs but asterisk hangs up call at 37 secs…

Please help me to solve this

Please retest on a current version. As you posted on a thread that relates to a 13 year old version, I assume you are using that version. If not, please start your own thread and identify the version actually in use.