Help with Asterisk and Aastra Phone Internal ID's


Just started working for a company who uses the Asterisk phone system with Aastra phones. We are able to get the phones to display the correct name of the person who his sitting there but we are not able to figure out how to change the name of the caller ID when we dial someones extension.

Example: Ext 202 is Bill, Ext 204 is Matt, When Matt calls Bill, Bills caller ID says he is Susan. Anyone know where we can go to fix it. We use FreePBX and WinSCP. Again, new to all of this, so hopefully this is enough info.


We can’t help with FreePBX.

Changing the connected party requires COLP support, which was new in Asterisk 1.8, and also requires support from the phone. You will need to provide a suitable value for sendrpid and may need to provide macros to handle the propagation of the information, or call the CONNECTEDLINE function, to explicitly set values.

The names that are shown on called extensions are set in sip.conf. With FreePBX you will probably need to update names of the configured extensions in the WebGUI.

Looks like I assumed a more complex problem than that you simply wanted caller ID.

You really need to take this up with the FreePBX people. Out of the box, Asterisk will pass through the caller ID and name it receives from the phone, but I don’t know what FreePBX does out of the box.

(My answer was about changing what is displayed mid-call.)