Missing notification sound when completing an attended transfer

I have a strange problem, with attended transfer.

When I perform an attended transfer using the feature code defined in features.conf, the recipient of the transferred call will hear a beep when I complete the transfer. However, if I use the attended transfer functionality of my SNOM phone, no such beep is heard, when the transfer is completed. Same applies with other SIP based solutions.

Is this expected behaviour, or am I missing something in my configuration?

The behavior you’re describing could be due to differences in the way attended transfers are handled between different devices or software solutions. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

Check Configuration Files:

Verify that your features.conf file is correctly configured for attended transfers. Ensure that the ‘AttendedTransfer’ feature is defined properly.
Phone Firmware:

If you are using a SNOM phone, ensure that you are using the latest firmware version. Sometimes, firmware updates include bug fixes related to call transfer features.
SIP Trunk Configuration:

Review your SIP trunk configuration to ensure it is correctly set up for attended transfers. Check settings related to call transfer methods.
Beep Settings:

The beep you mentioned might be a feature specific to your PBX or phone system. Check the settings on your PBX or phone system to see if there’s an option to enable/disable the beep sound for attended transfers.
Codec Compatibility:

Sometimes, codec compatibility issues can affect call transfer features. Ensure that the codecs used by your phone and your PBX are compatible with each other.
Packet Loss or Latency:

Poor network conditions can lead to issues with call quality and features. Check for packet loss or high latency in your network, as this can affect the signaling of transfer completion.
Test with Different Phones:

To isolate the issue, try performing an attended transfer with different SIP phones or softphones. This will help determine if the problem is specific to the SNOM phone or if it occurs with other SIP-based solutions as well.
Contact Support:

If you’ve tried the above steps and still cannot resolve the issue, consider reaching out to the support resources for your PBX, SIP phones, or any other SIP-based solutions you are using. They may have specific knowledge or troubleshooting steps for your particular setup.

Did you use ChatGPT to write that reply? The structure and especially the “might be specific to your PBX” and “Contact support” suggests a lack of understanding of the context, which makes sense if the answer is written by ChatGPT.

Anyways, what exactly do you suggest I check in the mentioned configuration? What should I look for?

@chano there is a default beep file that plays on successful transfer. I got around it because my use case required suppressing it - by replacing the default sound file with a 1 second silence file - basically overwriting it. If you ls | grep transfer in your sounds dir the filename should pop up

Yes, I know that file is there, and it is indeed the one played when using the feature code from features.conf, but it’s not played using a SIP based transfer scenario.

This is expected behavior. The beep only applies to feature code based attended transfers.

Any way to get it playing when using the SIP based solution, without messing about with source code?

Not that I can immediately think of.

Not the answer I hoped for. But at least I can stop searching for a solution. :slight_smile:

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